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I am an experienced Empowerment & Heart Hypnotherapist and support you with Stress Relief, Health & Wellness, Life Transitions, Career/Work Transitions, Finding your Path, Purpose, Clarity, Confidence, Abundance/Prosperity, Taking your next best steps to Manifesting your Dream life.

Get to the next level in your life you've been waiting for!


Call/Text me NOW  818-720-9802 or Email me.  I'm happy to answer your questions.

In my sessions I use relaxation techniques, visualization, guided imagery, positive suggestion, anchors, TAT, EFT, body/mind balances, teaching self hypnosis and more.


**I suggest a minimum of 3-4 sessions. It is not mandatory but I feel this gives you time to process what you've learnt and experienced, time to learn and practice the techniques at home, gives some added foundation and boost to reaching your goals...and gives a chance for me to follow up with you, answer questions as they come up and to help guide and support you on your way to success.


See HERE for a sample of Hypnotherapy or Visualization Programs



A state of intense concentration combined with total relaxation.
An age old natural and nurturing process of relaxation, focus, suggestion, visualization and other techniques. All we have learnt is stored in the subconscious mind which is accessed through hypnosis. It is about your own control of yourself, your mind and body and using your imagination. A hypnotherapist is there as a guide for using this tool and, as with any profession, having a good rapport with your practitioner is important.

Almost all children use self-hypnosis in imaginative play. Your practitioner will teach you self-hypnosis skills to take home so you can take charge of your health program. Self-hypnosis is an easy technique to help enhance the quality of your life and can be done in as little as 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes repeated in your daily routine. Repetition works well with the subconscious mind to reform habits, fears and emotions.

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

I’ve first talked to you by phone or in person to find out what you are coming in for and talked a little with you. When you arrive at my office I welcome you and give you some paperwork to fill out which consists of an intake form with your contact information and a few questions to help me know you a little better.
We sit together to talk a little more in depth about what you want , what you expect out of the session, your goals, and anything that you think has been stopping you from reaching them.
I’ll ask you if you have experienced hypnosis before and how it was for you. I might ask you for words that you like or that you respond well to.
If necessary I’ll give you a brief synopsis about how hypnosis works and how it can help you..
Then we will go through a short easy exercise for you to see the power of your own imagination.


Once that's all finished, I have a wonderful comfortable chair in my office that you’ll be able to sit in and just relax. There will be a guided relaxation exercise to relax the body and another one to help relax the mind. These feel great and everyone seems to really enjoy them.
Once relaxed, we use deepening, visualization (seeing in the mind’s eye or imagining), guided imagery and positive suggestion as well as other techniques to help you go deeper, and to see and feel in a way that relates to what you came in for..Nurturing, positive and goal oriented suggestions are given. I'll teach you some self hypnosis, and then I gently help you wake up a little and we talk about the session. I'll remind you how to to use self hypnosis and to use it regularly before our next session, so that you can more rapidly and consistently reach your goal/s.

You leave the office feeling relaxed, refreshed and  ready to go! What a wonderful way to  jumpstart your life and get to the next level! You might be surprised at how hypnotherapy  helps you on so many levels.


Mitta Wise RN, certified clinical hypnotherapist


Some other important topics for you:

Forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, inner strength

Other modalities:

Reflexology, EFT, TAT