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Inner Journeys


Inner Journeys are exactly that!  Journeys into your inner life to help you see and grow. They combine guided meditation, visualization and imagery with relaxation and afterwards you feel refreshed and inspired!
Optional: include TAT or EFT for one or more sessions

Usually people feel they have received messages, insights, guidance,  strength and wisdom from these life changing experiences.
The sessions are gentle, nurturing and designed around what YOU want
to change or explore.

Choose between two programs below 






1) Inner Strength: Open Your Heart

Are you wanting to:
  • Move through surface fears, tension and self doubt to discover the power of you!  
  • Open up creative, loving and wise areas of yourself.
  • Participate and journey on guided visualizations and meditations using relaxation and imagery.
Each session allows you to go deeper to discover  and strengthen your own self confidence, self love, direction, love, and purpose..4 level program  
3 level program prepay     
2) Inner Journey: Open Your Vision
Are you wanting to:
  • Delve deeper/ly into your inner layers and discover untapped areas of yourself and your spiritual journey.
  • Move through different layers and levels to open up creative, loving, aware and wise areas of yourself!
  • Travel on exciting journeys of guided meditation/ visualization and deepen your spiritual awareness, strength, direction, purpose and vision.
3 level program prepay   
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