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Mitta Vicki Wise  818-720-9802

Mitta is an RN and Holistic Practitioner originally from NZ and practicing in Los Angeles:

Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Visualization, Guided Imagery Specialist, TAT, EFT, Stress management, Wellness Coaching, Stop Smoking, Finding your path, Passing Exams, Womens Wellness, Guided Meditation, Self-Hypnosi, weight loss.. She has been in private practice for 15 years and is always involved in helping the community and working with non-profits. For more info on her practitioner, wellness, healing and women's groups in Los Angeles, click on groups in the menu.

She has travelled to many countries and is particularly involved with India, where she visits meditation centers in the Himayalas and near Mumbai. She helps with non profits here in Los Angeles as well as Southern India. See non profits in the menu.

As well as health, healing and meditation, her other interests are music and singing and she joins professionals and other groups when she can.



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