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1) I am a singer that was crippled with crippling stage fright. In 1994 my bands 1st live performance was coming up and we were booked to play... of all places - a very famous club on the Sunset Strip. I knew I would not be able to do it. With much doubt about hypnosis and nowhere else to turn I sought Mittas help. After a session I felt relaxed but I was sure it didn't work. On the night, having no choice but to get on the stage in front of a packed house and probably freeze - up I went. To my utter joy and amazement I didn't just sing... I owned the stage... it was if I had been doing it forever. I received standing ovations and my life has never been the same. Thankyou Mitta

Cynthia Arnold  Los Angeles  310-277-6666


I was divorced after being married for many years. I found it difficult to express myself with my new mate. After working with Mitta, my girlfriend made comments how much better I have been treating her. I love Mitta's guided meditation and inspiring guidance. My relationship continues to improve with each session. 

Kirk Attebury     Certified Fitness Trainer


At 42 I went back to school to become a family counselor - a decision about which I had much trepidation. As a child I had a learning disability and was teased and called stupid. I was petrified at taking tests. The last grade I completed was the 8th. I left school at 13 and returned at 42. Still phobic about taking tests I turned to Mitta once again. I knew she had gotten me over stage fright and could take care of this too. And boy did she ever. Not only did I ace all the tests that I took over the 4 years, but graduated in the top 2 of my class of 94 students. Again... thank you, thank you, thank you Mitta

Cynthia Arnold  Los Angeles  310-277-6666



1) I have been going to Mitta Wise for reflexology on a regular basis since March 2009.  Aside from the relaxation aspect, which is therapeutic in itself, she has helped me with various physical problems.  I have noticed a measurable change in my health since I have been receiving her treatments, and depend on her for ongoing care.
Mitta is a calming, very nurturing person, and it is a pleasure to know her and to receive her help.  I can recommend her without reservation.

Laura, Esq. Culver City, CA


2) At some point the lack of circulation in my feet and lower legs started to bother me.  After one reflexology session with Mitta Wise, the situation was greatly improved.  The problem went away completely after the second reflexology session!

Mike Saul, Musician, West Los Angeles


3) I come every time Mitta is here and enjoy the reflexology sessions. I recommend them to anyone. Afterwards I feel invigorated. What could be more important than taking care of your feet!

Marina Del Rey Curves member (wants to be anonymous)


4) "I began foot reflexology sessions with Mitta in mid-2012 for a long-standing thyroid gland disorder accompanied by tight and swollen ankles that were tender-to-the-touch.   I also had very painful sore feet that had been bothering me for months.   Within just a few foot reflexology sessions the swelling in my ankles completely disappeared.   They are no longer tender and the pain and soreness in my feet are gone.   I feel that circulation to my ankles and feet has improved 100%.   I am so very grateful for Mitta and her invaluable foot reflexology and massage skills.   An extra bonus is that Mitta is a lovely person to know and to talk to.   She makes it so easy for anyone to relax with her.   I would recommend her to anyone.   Mitta easily gets 5 stars!"

G. Jackson, Glendale, CA