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Workshops for Professionals & Community


Inner Strengths Group presents: 


Workshops For Professionals & Community



1) Motivation, Passion and Action


Sample Motivational Talk with Interactive Exercises:


Building Inner Strengths & Creating the Life you always wanted

Addressing the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

4 main areas we look at - Focus, motivation, passion and action 

1) Focus - stress management, balancing emotions, healing conflicts
2) Know what you want - your passion, motivation
3)  Identify what is getting in the way and setting you back from achieving your goals and the life you want to lead.
4) Creating an action plan, visioning, mastermind, exercises

Ellie Zarrabian and myself  - Mitta Vicki Wise, are wellness and success practitioners in the Los Angeles area. Ellie's background is a PhD in Psychology and mine as a registered nurse/guided imagery practitioner.

Our presentation consists of a talk, as well as interactive exercises.
We'd love to work with you and your group to get the best possible, most effective and customized presentation.



2) Building Inner Strengths with

Guided Imagery & Interactive Exercises





Sample Workshop (Other subjects available)


Are you a professional stressed because of...

Job burnout



Balancing work/home




Health issues



Or are you wanting to have more clarity, direction,

inner strength and awareness?



Learn Specific Ways to Relieve Stress


Gain more Balance and Clarity



We also offer On Site Workshops for your Staff.

Please email us for more information



3) For Students - High school or College:

Healing from Stress and Developing Inner Strengths




Sample Talk

Our presentation consists of a talk, a powerpoint presentation, as well as interactive exercises.
We'd love to work with you to get the best possible and most effective presentation... customized for your particular group of students.



Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D. is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Centerpeace Foundation www.centeronpeace.com. An East/ West holistic center for Psychotherapy and Spirituality since 2008 dedicated to helping individuals and families cultivate spirituality in everyday life at home and at work.

Success and Wellness Workshop leader and speaker.  


Mitta Vicki Wise RN, is a holistic nurse and guided imagery specialist, combining guided imagery with success and wellness techiques. She works privately and with groups for those wanting to resolve challenges, or move deeper into their spiritual/life journey. She also compassionately works with those wanting weight/stress, wellness and healthy lifestyle management. www.yourholistichealthcare.com

Success and Wellness Workshop leader and speaker.



Inner Strengths combines the strengths and experience of two health professionals to motivate and teach other professionals.

The space for this journey of health and wellness, balance and spirituality comes together in a safe place with a holistic healing approach. Groups are interactive and may use different techniques to offer alternative approaches to the learner.


Ellie and Mitta have been teaching together for 5 years now as Pursuing Inner Strengths, as well as many years in their own private practices. Whether it be teaching small groups in community or groups of professionals... they bring expertise, motivation, peacefulness, compassion, depth and insight to the table.

Participants can hope to gain more understanding in their lives, as well as tools to motivate and deal with life’s stressors and challenges. Whether it be physical. mental, emotional, or spiritual… these tools can be taken home and used daily to reduce stress,  strengthen lives, build better relationships, develop compassion for self and others and to bring more clarity, joy and awareness.


Programs Offered




Stress Management


Meditation for Community

Meditation and Guided Imagery for Health Professionals

Guided Visualization

Weight/Healthy Lifestyle Management

Peaceful Parenting

The Wisdom of Pain

Accessing your Intuition


Strengthening your Inner Commitment 

Life Purpose/Direction

Manifesting an Amazing and Meaningful Life




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