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What is Visualization?


Visualization is seeing in your mind’s eye, imagining, imagery. I like to think of it as a visual message to the subconscious mind about what you want.  If I show you a picture it’s a message to you. And if I show it to you 10 times a day, you might start to get the message. And visualization works in a similar way only you decide what is important for you to see, what you want in your life. I say a picture played on the subconscious mind paints a thousand words.

When one consciously pictures in his mind a desire he wishes fulfilled, he is using one of the most powerful means of bringing it into his visible, tangible experience .

And because we have so many messages running around in our brains and being of things we don’t want, or things that happened in the past that are no longer valid.. we want to introduce or re-introduce positive targeted and meaningful messages to the subconscious mind to help us today.

All action starts with a thought, so send the right messages! 

Use your mind to create positive images of something you want to, have, or be.

With visualization, you see it... imagine it... feel it... and eventually it manifests in your life.


Olympic athletes use it, business and sales people use it, creative people use it... you can too!

Everybody’s mind is unique and creative. Allow your imagination to be creative… there are so many different ways you can imagine something, so be creative.. put your own take on it. So, even if someone gives you a visualization, add something to it., fill in the details.. the more specific details you can provide, the more specific the visualization is. Work it to suit you. Make positive images and statements so they become the messages your subconscious mind responds to!


Important Pointers for using Visualization:


1) Close your eyes and SEE within your mind a mental picture of your goal in its finished, perfect condition or activity. See a whole scene of activity if you want.


2) Concentrate on one theme to work with for at least 30 days.


3) Repetition is good so visualize as often as you can.


4) Visualize on awakening, before going to sleep and any time in between


5) Visualize as if it has already happened. In other words...see what you want to be or have happen.


6) If possible choose a quiet place to visualize in from 5-15 minutes  but you can take a few minutes wherever you are to do it.


7) Love what you see and be grateful!


Write down other ideas and thoughts that come up as well as any good experiences related to your visualization process.


Mitta Vicki Wise

Copyright 2013


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