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Stage Fright, Public Speaking, Performance Anxiety


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Are you tired of stage fright stopping you from speaking or performing comfortably and confidently in front of others?

If so, learn more about what Mitta has to offer to help you:


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Stage Fright/Speaking in Public/Performance Anxiety

Perhaps surprisingly, the majority of people list public speaking as their greatest fear, beating out heights, insects, financial problems, deep water, illness and even death. Those able to conquer their fear of speaking and performing generally have greater career opportunities and experience increased job satisfaction.

Does the thought of speaking in public make you tremble inside? Are you one of those people who would rather die than speak before a group? Are you an artist or actor who freezes up or can’t control their nerves while on stage/set/studio or audition? Does it stop you from moving towards your goals?

Hypnotherapy can help put the universal fear of public speaking and performing in the proper perspective. Here is how hypnotherapy helps:

1) Bypasses the conscious mind and gives direct positive suggestion to the subconscious mind

2) Deep relaxation and clarity

3) Positive suggestions of confidence, clarity, excitement, opportunities

4) Fear to excitement

5) Building and sharing of your creative expression and your gift

6) Visualization of a great performance/audition with preparation, excitement, confidence, passion, knowledge, skill, love and joy

7) Using an "anchor" right before you perform or speak

8) Teaching of self hypnosis and visualization for you to take home and practice.

9) Other tips and tools

10) Sessions are customized just for you in your particular area of challenge

Many performers may suffer from nerves to some degree. But you don't have to let the situation control you! Here are some tips on how you can walk on that stage or in the studio with confidence and turn fear into positive energy:

1) Prepare all your work thoroughly. Knowing your job will greatly reduce your anxiety.

2) Put yourself in control of everything within your sphere of influence. For instance, check out your performance space, have your printed materials organized and ready and practised.

3) Get a good nights sleep ahead of time

4) Get enough exercise to have a balanced life and enough oxygen going through the body and mind

5) Have a balanced diet. Again... you need all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc to maintain the body, keep the mind clear and the nervous system balanced and calm.

6) Practice your self hypnosis and visualization daily and especially the week before

7) Avoid being rushed or distracted on the day of your performance.

8) Practice your relaxation/self hypnosis skills before performing/speaking. Take an imaginary journey through your performance from beginning to end, soothing your mind during the quiet time before your entry.

9) Use breathing to calm your body

10) Use your anchor

11) Be you… be the gift and expression that you are

12) Be generous and eager to share your gift.


Make your performance a celebration and a sharing, not a trial.