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    About "Manifest a Meaningful and Amazing Life"


These transformative retreats came about through the combined vision, effort and experience of Mitta VIcki Wise and are the culmination of years of meditation, service, teaching, creating, healing work,  life experiences and manifestation.



In our half, one and 3 day retreats in Southern California our goal is for you to discover your own journey within, to fine tune your capacity for compassion in you and in your life, to allow yourself to truly experience gratitude, to quiet your thoughts, to experience transformation in your life, to sustain your intention and purpose, to find and vibrate with your own unique rhythm and to

"Manifest A Meaningful and Amazing Life"!


Please join us for these exciting journeys to

"Manifest A Meaningful and Amazing Life"

If Not Now... When?



Our 2010 Retreat Schedule:

Jan 30
Business Goals Visualization and Potluck  SF Valley


Our 2011 Retreat Schedule:

Jan 24
Strengthening Your Inner Commitment Through Visualization  West LA

Feb 21
Accessing Your Intuition  West LA 7pm

April 4
Weight Loss Visualization  West LA

May 1
Vizualization in the Park, Walk and Talk, Snacks  West LA  10am

Oct 3
Relaxing Spa and Health Escape  West LA 6.45 pm

Dec 21
Ideal Clients/Customers for 2012 


Our 2012 Retreat Schedule:

Oct 3
Rejuvenation Guided Meditation  West LA

July 21
Building Inner Strengths With Meditation & Imagery: For Health Professionals 10.30am


Our 2013 Retreat Schedule:

Feb 20
Guided Meditation.Visualization: Taking the Next Step West LA

June 5th
New Moon Meditation: New Beginnings 7pm West LA

September  1      
One Day Retreat, Residence Inn Marriott, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA "Manifest Extraordinary Moments"

October  20        
Los Angeles  4 and 1/2 hours,  Venice, LA, CA Private Residence:  "Manifest a Meaningful and Amazing Life"


Our 2014 Retreat Schedule:

March  22    
One day Retreat: "Building Your Financial Sanctuary"  West Los Angeles Private Residence

March 31
Guided meditation/Visualization for Health & Weight Loss   7pm West LA

April  26 
One day retreat: "Supercharge your Financial Awareness and Wellbeing" 

West LA, 9.30-4.30

July 16
Guided Meditation/Visualization for Attracting Clients  7.30pm West LA

Healing Retreat: Manifest a Meaningful & Amazing Life
9.30 - 4.30 West LA

October 25th
Your Inner Abundance Journey - 3pm West LA


Our 2015 Retreat Schedule:

March 15
Attune/Attract/Visualize/Receive More Clients(or sales,motivation,inspiration)
  1.15 pm  West LA

May 17
Women's Soul Spa-Attracting, Designing & Visioning Your Ideal Partner or Friend
1pm West LA

October 23
Walk & Guided Meditation/Visualizatioin for Health, Wellbeing, Purpose, Direction 9.30am West LA

December 27
Better Business 2016 - A guided meditation/visualization and snack potluck
  West LA  10am

October 28
Guided Meditation/Visualization For Health/Well-being, Purpose/Direction. Reflexology points for relaxation and well-being. 7pm West LA



Our 2016 Retreat Schedule:

February 7th
2016 Visioning  1.30pm

Body/Mind Balance Exercises, Guided Visioning, Essential Oils



Our 2017 Retreat Schedule:

Please see Calendar for all Events from now on!: CALENDAR


Mitta Vicki Wise has been in private practice as a holistic practitioner for many years using hypnotherapy, visualization, reflexology, TAT EFT,  and essential oils, with individuals and groups. She has helped others with stress, health, direction, purpose and manifestation in New Zealand, USA and India.  She has a passion for music, meditation and singing and is also directly involved in non profits and community work both in Los Angeles, India and Nepal.  See here