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Be A Reflexology & Relaxation Host!


Want to Host in Your Home/Office/Studio?

Your workshop party will be complimentary and you will receive a complmentary session!

These workshops are fun!
Learn relaxation, stress management , guided meditation, visualization, essential oils and reflexology points to apply to yourself, your family and friends.

Help yourself, your friends, family and colleagues!  Reflexology, oils and guided meditation not only feel good but have so many health benefits.
Private sessions, workshops, events, businesses.
People looooooove it!

$25 cost per participant. Host complimentary.
I work with you on the dates and times  you have available.

Host provides a minimum of 5 participants (plus host) . Maximum is whatever the host is comfortable with and can accommodate everyone.
11/2 to 2 hours
Bathroom and stretch break before guided meditation.
Optional tea/coffee/snack break after if host wants to do that. Water should be available.

1)  You will learn and practice:

About Reflexology

About Guided Meditation and Visualization

Stress Management, Relaxation and stress reflexology relief points

Essential Oils

And some other points depending on time:

PMS and menopause
neck and back

Have fun practicing!  In this group you can practice just on yourself or on others. Whatever you are comfortable with.
Wipes and hand sanitizer will be provided.

2) Experience a Guided meditation/visualization for relaxation, clarity and positive motivation

20 minutes


**If you are someone who cant host but would love to come to one of these, let me know and I'll put you on the list for the next one.

Come have fun with Mitta Vicki Wise, Stress Relief, Reflexology, Guided Meditation, Essential Oils!
RN, Professional Reflexologist and Holistic Practitioner