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Abundant Thinking

“Whenever I feel abundant, abundance finds me”

If are interested in having a better lifestyle, and attracting more abundance, here are some thoughts to ponder and steps to take:

1)    Physiology changes psychology  What does that mean?
What that means is that when you feel stuck or blocked, changing your body’s position and moving a little, may also change your thoughts.  Even simple movements like head movements, getting up from your chair, walking across the room etc, can often help to get answers. Any kind of physical activity is beneficial to getting unstuck and releasing negative thought patterns. Understanding how the mind body connection operates, can assist you in our everyday lives.
Here are 4 steps to surviving in these difficult times. Attract inner and outer wealth and abundance and make some immediate changes.

2)    Know what you want
We know what we don’t want, and focus on that instead of what we do want. This brings more of the same. Negative thinking won’t bring you the results you want. Let go of negative thoughts and start changing them to what you want in your life. See a positive outcome in all areas of your life.

3)     Write down your goals, short term, mid term, long term. It’s been proven that successful people write down their goals almost every day and imagine them as having been reached.

No matter where you are at in your life right now, it can always get better …the power to improve is within your personal control no matter what’s going on around you. Are you worried about the economy?   The last few months have given people enough reasons to worry about the future in many areas of your life.
But, it’s not what is going on in the world that is the true concern. It is the way that we react to it and how it impacts our thinking and actions. Ultimately the power lies within us. Yes, you have to be able to pay your mortgage, your bills, feed your children, fill up the gas tank, have some form of income, and take some action….. but worrying all the time about it doesn’t feel good, doesn’t get anything done.. and really doesn’t help.

So, the question is.. what should we do?

What most people want is not to control other people, but to control their own lives and themselves. Freedom is freedom from the mind and negative thinking and when you really commit to it and move in that direction you will be at peace no matter what happens in the world. And this is really priceless isn’t it?

"All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea." or you could say a thought.

Sandra Reid    http://www.helpu-heal.com/divorce_finances_planning.html

Mitta Vicki Wise http://www.yourholistichealthcare.com


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