Your Holistic Health Care
Stop Smoking
And Have a Healthy Lifestyle                                                                                        



  • Health of Whole Body
  • Health of Lungs
  • Health of Nervous and Circulatory Systems
  • Abundance Attraction and Use the money saved
  • Spirituality
  • Example to Others
  • Health of Others
  • No more looking bad, feeling/smelling/tasting bad, going outside, guilty, admonishings from family and friends etc.
  • No More Procrastination -it weighs you down
  • New Life, new Path, New Opportunities

I offer a thorough Stop Smoking program of 4 full sessions. Make sure you take them all for good support and maintenance. The cost is $125 for the first session and $295 (Prepaid) for the remaining 3 sessions. This is part of the commitment process. I use a combination of hypnotherapy, visualization, positive suggestions and more.

I know you need support during this journey and this program is designed for maximum support. Out of the 4 sessions, there is an introductory session, then preparation time leading up to the quitting day which is the 2nd session. Then a support session and a maintenance session. You'll be a permanent non smoker before you know it!

It's okay if you have tried before. This helps to prepare you for the NOW... when you are truly ready.

NOW is the time, and if you are ready, please call me at 818-754-2556 or email me through the contact page.