Your Meetup Group



I have several successful Meetup groups and can help you set up yours!

We'll brainstorm how you want your group,  set it all up with your input, how you want it and set up your first meeting.

I’ll show you how to use the settings and how to build your community of members.

I'll teach you tips and tricks to keep it going as well as getting you through the technical stuff.

  • Post meetings
  • Post on message board
  • Promote your group
  • Find locations
  • Links
  • Creating Lists
  • Sponsors
  • Welcome emails
  • Email group
  • Create meaningful meetings and events
  • Prizes
  • Assistants
  • Connect with other organizers
  • Be seen as a leader
  • Increase your network
  • and so much more!

Build your community of friends, colleagues, clients and mailing list too! And have fun doing it...

Mitta Vicki Wise
818-720-9802 or EMAIL ME

Groups I’ve set up and organize:

COST: $50 for 60 mins

Includes helping you set up the group how you want it, (name, description, photos, about section, event etc.), and putting up the first meeting. 

**Meetup has its own fees for the use of its site. . That has nothing to do with me, but I can guide you through the initial registration if you need that. Have your CC or Paypal ready for that... or have it done already before our session.  I wont be asking you for those details  :-)  You will do it on your end.

Are you in LA?  Come on over and bring your computer.
Otherwise I can work with Skype, phone or email appointments.