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Change Your Past Life Weight Loss Karma




NEW Unique Ebook to help you understand your weight issues and help you to finally lose the weight you need:




What is Past Life or Genetic Memory

Why Past Life for Weight Loss

Current and Past Life Eating Habits

Core Weight Loss issues

Past Life Techniques

Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle




Other Techniques

Journaling Your Results






Congratulations! You’ve started on a miraculous adventure.
Your life has already changed: you’ve picked up this book for the start of wonderful journeys of self discovery & health.

This book is a different kind of weight loss book…

Reset your body, reset your metabolism, reset your life!

Eliminate habits that keep you from your ideal weight!

Are there issues or incidents that you have carried from a past life or from this life that stop you from losing weight?

What you have brought with you from the past that could be holding you back from reaching your goals and living a healthy and happy life?

Clearing past life habits may profoundly
 affect your understanding and efforts to lose weight and be healthy.

We combine age old wisdom with cutting edge techniques to help you change your past life weight loss karma and habits.

There are so many joys, surprises and so much love possible on this journey…we hope to be able to help you uncover and release this, along with a sense of self-awareness, positive body image and healthy habits.


We hope this book inspires you:

To be yourself and to love yourself

To know yourself

To make the changes necessary for all your weight and life goals

To build a foundation for a long and healthy life


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