Supercharge Your Financial Awareness and Wellbeing



“Supercharge your Financial Awareness & Well-Being”

~ A workshop designed to align your financial well-being with the rest of your life ~

with Mitta Vicki Wise and Pam Shriver

    West LA   




Individual, Couples & Families:

Are you ready to shift your money consciousness?

Are you satisfied with your current financial situation?

Is your business flourishing?

Are your decisions leading you to the life you want to live?

Do you have prosperity and abundance in everything you do?


Our 7 Workshop Goals:

·      Acknowledging your financial reality

·      Going beyond your blocks and challenges

·      Defining & seeing your ideal financial self

·      Dreaming, believing, manifesting your financial diversity

·      Activate your Financial Empowerment

·      Identify your next steps

·      Guidance & Support for your journey


Program Includes:

·      2 Guided Meditations/Visualizations 

·      Financial reality session

·      Money game

·      TAT breakthrough session

·      Steps leading to change: Manifestation

·      Creativity session: Visioning, Journaling

·      Financial Empowerment Session

·      Sharing-Friendship-Celebration



We designed this workshop to be fun, transformational, to be full of activities incorporating
different learning styles and to feel like a spa day for your spirit!  
Would you like to join us?


‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’  
Mary Oliver




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